Dr Keith Hopkins is a fully qualified Skin Cancer Practitioner.

He deals exclusively in the diagnosis, treatment and followup of skin cancer and cosmetic injections.

The practice is orientated towards the surgical treatment.

Dr Hopkins operates daily at Molescan Noosaville's dedicated operating theatre.

More advanced procedures are performed at the day surgery operating theatres at Noosa Hospital.

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  • Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers

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  • Personalized service

  • Medical confidential environment

  • Doctor consultation prior to each procedure as per national laws

  • Honest discussion about products, doses and risks

  • No hype or up-selling.

  • Convenient appointments including evenings

  • Easy and free parking

  • 23 years in Noosa

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  • Free (no obligation) consultation

  • with Jill RN (Cosmetic Nurse Injector)

  • Phone 0409 578 771

  • At Noosaville 7 Day Medical Centre

  • If you are new to cosmetic injections, start small and see how you like it. We believe in keeping it natural. So go slow. As you are paying by the unit, you only pay for what you use. You could have a small amount one week (as a trial) and more a few weeks later (if necessary) after you see the effects. The  change is gradual, keeping a natural look.


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Discussion with Jill

"I don't want to look freaky!"

This is the number one fear, I hear from people who are inquiring about cosmetic injections.

I understand this is a valid concern, as we have all seen people who have overdone things and start to look unusual or plastic. They usually like the appearance and often like the attention it brings. These people are known as plastic positive (which is fine) but they represent a very small percent of the people who have cosmetic injections.

For the far majority of people, it is not possible to tell if they have had something done or not. They may have had a line or wrinkle that annoyed them, that they wanted removed. Most friends won't remember, if there was previously a wrinkle there or not. They will just notice that you look fresher or less tired or angry.

This is what I aim for and a lot of my clients are relieved to see that I, myself, am not plastic positive.

Natural Lips

Having your lip volume replaced is one of the more cost effective ways (along with restoring cheeks) of appearing more youthful.
A lot of women, in the over 40 age group, are often frightened to have their lips filled as they have seen people on TV with overfilled, unnatural lips or they have heard it is very painful. This is a valid concern, but not what we do. We offer the service of “Lip Re-inflation” that is just re-inflating your lips back to where they were 5-10 years ago. This is done totally pain-free by Dr Keith's skillful numbing techniques. They stay your natural shape. You will notice, a slightly fuller red lip with less crevices but your husband or close friends are unlikely to know. Just ask for “Lip Re-inflation”.

Holiday Refresh!

Your Noosa break is a great time to have your cosmetic treatments. Call Jill for our cosmetic holiday specials and go back to work looking, as well as feeling refreshed.